Racknerd US Large Hard Drive Server – $599/month, Ryzen7-3700X/32G RAM/120G SSD + 192TB HDD

Racknerd is now offering a low price promotion on oversized hard disk servers (storage servers) in Utah, USA data center with the lowest price ever. Offers both AMD and Intel options, default 32G RAM, 120G SSD system disk, 12 16T HDDs for data disk, access to 1Gbps bandwidth, 100T traffic per month given by default, 5 IPv4.

Official website:https://www.racknerd.com

Special Offer Host

Both hosts have a bandwidth of 1 Gbps and 5 iPv4.

CPUMemoryHard DiskFlowPriceLink
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X32G120G SSD + 12*16TB HDD100T/Month599$/monthPurchase Link
Intel Xeon W-137032G120G SSD + 12*16TB HDD100T/Month599$/monthPurchase Link

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